Monday, February 25, 2013

Advice for esophageal cancer survivors

Well, time sure flies when YOU HAVE NO PAIN!!!! It's  just plain awesome, thank you very much... From here on out I plan to check in on this site maybe once a year or if something like re-occurrence (Lord perish that thought) happens or whatever.

I am , for the most part, am out raising my boys, doing volunteer work and getting into the swing of going back to school. Gotta finish that degree!  I get tired sometimes long before the end of the day, but sometimes I wonder if that is just the raising my 4  boys part - as well as going non stop nearly every day. More on that in a minute.

As I am pretty much through all the nasty hard and hurt-y parts, I thought I might share just a few things to look out for after you have healed from your surgery.

* chronic low blood cell count leading to severe anemia

This is way easy to fix. Get a prenatal vitamin high in iron an protein.  I use Buried Treasure Liquid Prenatal Plus. It works wonderfully and the only reason I had such difficulty with this issue is because after we moved, I didn't  get properly diagnosed for over a year. Yes, I had low blood pressure,  but the underlying cause was not enough red blood cells and THAT was causing me to black out. It went so long without treatment, my issue became hypoxic anemia. All could have been avoided by simply taking these vitamins from the beginning.

* stomach pains and severe gas.

Another easy fix. For me it was, eat no sugar and very TINY amounts of fat. Then I try to make that olive oil or olives or whatever does not have massive amounts of saturated fat. Foods that are way high in fiber are also a big no no for me. I control that by using Probiotics or that Activia stuff I love to sing the jingle for. Also small amounts of fiber, like what is found in fruit (not prunes or raisins) like apples or pears and bananas also are perfect. NO coffee and only herbal tea ( I found this out from a few other survivors ) , and (sob) no chocolate.

* scar tissue

This is what caused my stomophagus to block larger food items like steak or bread. Not a big deal. I just would schedule a dilation when I noticed my throat getting a bit tight. The last couple dilations I had injected me with steroids to inhibit new growth and they seem to last a good year or two.

*keeping the weight on

Weird problem I know, but you HAVE to keep your weight within a reasonable range or things get a bit dicey. To the tune of malnutrition.  Without sugars or most fats, its harder than it sounds. Besides, I for one DO NOT like having little or no boobs. I know the men will not care about this issue, but when you get to o skinny, your body will start taking from muscle, and we all know you all want to be stud muffins. 

*make sure you take down time to rest regularly

This one is the hardest for me to do. When I ignore this one, my immune system becomes compromised and I get sick at the drop of a hat. My kids get a sniffle, I get full blown pneumonia. They get a 24 hour bug, I am sick for a week. The good news is, I recover, because I am forced to take down that down time I so desperately should have taken in the first place. I'm kinda thick like that...

*LIVE your life to the fullest 

You faced death, stared it in the face. Life, every extra day, has become a gift. Show some appreciation and ENJOY! Make up your mind to be HAPPY, Go river rafting or tubing, join a charity group, volunteer at your local school. Find what interests you and DO it.

Sometimes depression can set in with survivors AND those currently fighting this monster. Fight the Depression Monster just as hard as you fought the Cancer Monster. If it makes you happy, put up a Christmas tree in May, buy 20 new pair of shoes, get that workbench and Power Tools (arr arrr arr)  you always wanted. Color your hair and get a new style, whatever works. Make sure you look into medication and don't be too proud to take it if you are already on it.

I guess that is about it, hopefully I will not sign in here for another year or so. Signing  out WITH NO PAIN!!!!! ,


Me and my two amazing, gorgeous, brilliant , did I say amazing?, bonus daughters.

me and my boys with my bonus son, on the left (I adore that child), my bonus nephew and oh, the love of my life :)

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